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Evaneos, customer engagement

With my team, we focused a few months in engaging and inpiring prospects and customers. It engendered several products or improvements including:

  • A work on explaining the Evaneos Concept more clearly (UX writing and illustrations) directly during the request to agents. 
  • The travel explorer: a tool that allows prospect to discover travel itineraries based on their criteria and what kind of travel they want.
  • The creation of a new tab in the mobile app to explore itineraries, destinations and prepare the prospect next trip.

I will detail the later project in this page.

Before adding this new tab « Explorer », the app was only useful to plan a trip, chat with the agent after having made a request for a specific destination. But if you were browsing, searching for inspiration on where to go for your next trip, you had to go to the website, the app was useless for this case.

With user research, we learnt that travellers needed to browse trip ideas, search for destinations, activities or testimonials., directly in the app, when they commute for instance. That’s why we built this explorer tab, but also a search and a travel guide by destination.


Understanding and defining the problem

As a team, we hold a framing discovery workshop to gather information about our project (previous user research, marketing info, sales info, etc).

We set hypotheses that we confirmed with interviews on users needs/problems and later on the solution we thought of.

To construct the solution, I organized different design studios in order to work on it as a team, with all the constraints in mind and all the stakeholders involved.


Design studios

Design studios are collaborative and participating workshops. 
The goal is to generate solutions to respond to a design problem, gathering stakeholders from different departments.

For this project, I organised 2 design studios to work on these features: the explorer home and the content of the destination guide.

Check my article about remote design studios here (french)

User testing

I run user testing sessions to evaluate the usability of our product and to decide whether it was ready to be launched for real users. There were remote moderated user tests.

User test plan: 
– exploring the home explorer
– searching for a destination
– opinion on the destination guide and the relevance of the content

Check my article about remote moderated user tests (french).