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mobile app

The Viadeo mobile app shows several features such as a newsfeed, a chat, a network section, a job offer section and also a company section to evaluate and compare companies when you are looking for opportunities.

To launch the redesign project,
I co-organised a Design Sprint.

Design Sprint

The Design Sprint was meant to solve some problems on the new app conception. With the team, we wanted to create a simple app even if Viadeo has many features. So during these 5 days of our Design Sprint, we focused on the app navigation. At the end of the week, our prototype was tested by 5 users and their feedback set the fundation of the project.

design sprint steps

Workshops, wireframes and prototypes

During all the project, I worked closely with product managers and developers. I organised workshops with them to define all the features of the future app. Then, my reports and I worked on the wireframes and prototypes. We asked the final users to get feedback and iterate on the product.

User tests

We run user tests with Lo-Fi prototypes at first, to evaluate the usability of the different features before working on the UI design. Then we run some other user tests until the launch. 

Visual identity

I also worked on a new identity for this application (logo, illustrations, …) and created a design system. The launch of the app was a crucial moment for Viadeo, I think it was a good time to make some changes.