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Wishlist app –  landing page 

I worked on a redesign of Boonjy landing page, a wishlist app. 

Goals of the redesign: 

  • Improving the SEO
  • Improving the conversion to creating a wishlist and concept understanding
  • Setting the first step before redesigning the whole app

Visual design

I worked on creating a stronger brand identity for Boonjy, illustrating the wishlist concept and adding visual elements, I also added colors to the identity palette in order to have a wilder choice to build a design system later.

The old version used a lot of orange on backgrounds, I improved the contrast of fonts and CTA to be more readable (AA level). 

Next steps

Monitoring the landing page in order to check if the conversion improves.
Keep testing with users to ensure a good understanding of the concept and collect feedback about identity.
Working on redesigning the entire app, building a design system and improve users flows during the process.